Effective from September 1, 2019


We recommend that you read and take note of the General Terms & Conditions listed below.


Seaside Vacation Rentals LLC, hereinafter known as “Seaside”, serves as an agent for renting out properties. By booking a rental property, a contract is entered only between the renter and the owner of the respective property (hereinafter: landlord). Seaside does not offer any travel services and is not a tour operator.

The parties to the contract agree that the subject matter of the contract is the leasing of a vacation home (rental property) for a limited time (rental period) under the following conditions:


The rental agreement must be in writing. Any changes or cancellations must be submitted in writing and require the landlord’s approval.

The receipt of payment serves as a booking confirmation.

Most correspondence will be via e-mail. It is the renter’s responsibility to check his e-mail messages regularly.


Unless otherwise noted, the rates listed in the property description are valid per night for a maximum of two (2) adult guests (minimum age 18) for the entire rental property. Prices include the local sales and tourist tax at their current rates, as well as the cost of water, trash removal, pool and lawn service, unless the property description contains other information.

Rental rates are based on the property information, i.e. the features of the property at the time the contract is signed.


Electric fees, possibly the fee for gas, the cost of the final cleaning of the rental property, plus the grill cleaning are explicitly not included in the price.

The amount of the final cleaning is listed on the booking confirmation and is due and payable prior to arrival.

The fees for electric usage, gas, grill cleaning etc. will be deducted from the security deposit (see 6.) If these costs exceed the amount of the security deposit, the balance is due and payable to Seaside.

The electric fee is calculated at 0.13 / kWh. If an allowance is mentioned in the property description, that amount will be credited when calculating the actual cost at the end of stay.

A boat rental is subject to separate Terms & Conditions.


In addition to the fees mentioned above, each property requires a security deposit. The specific amount is listed in the property description and will be shown separately on the statement. If the rental period exceeds four weeks, Seaside may increase the amount of the security deposit by a reasonable percentage.

If the renter has caused damages to the property during his stay, the cost will be deducted from the security deposit, in addition to deducting the extra fees listed under 4.

Typically, the security deposit is refunded within 14 days after the additional costs mentioned above have been deducted. In some cases, for example if repairs are required, the refund can take up to eight weeks. Please note that if the landlord refunds the security deposit unconditionally, this step does not preclude any later claims, nor does it reverse the burden of proof.

The security deposit is refunded without interest.


The entire balance due (incl. all taxes and cleaning fee) for the reserved property is payable prior to moving into the rental home.

The following payment terms apply:

- 30% of the total amount is due and payable within seven days after booking

- The remaining amount must be paid to Seaside no later than 30 days prior to arrival

For last minute bookings with an arrival date of less than 30 days out, the entire amount becomes due and payable to Seaside.

The deposit will be pay in the form of pre-authorisation of your credit card one day prior to departure. Your credit card will not be charged for the time being.

Any resulting bank fees are the responsibility of the renter.

If the Terms of Payment listed above are not followed by the renter, the landlord is entitled to cancel the contract without first extending it. If the landlord cancels the contract due to non-payment, the renter is still legally obligated to pay the rent as stated in the contract, unless the landlord is able to re-rent the property to another party. If the new booking is for a lower price than the original booking, the renter is responsible to pay the difference as compensation. Any previous payments will stay at Seaside to alleviate the loss of rental income.


If the renter cancels the contract, Seaside charges a cancellation fee of 100% of the rental amount. This rule does not apply if the landlord or Seaside are able to find another booking for the same property. If the new booking is for a lower price than the original booking, the renter is responsible to pay the difference as compensation. Any previous payments will stay at Seaside to alleviate the loss of rental income.

A delayed arrival does not entitle the renter to a reduction in price.

We do recommend purchasing travel cancellation insurance at the time you reserve a property. Please inquire at a local travel agency for details.

Fluctuations in the foreign exchange rate are not considered a valid reason to cancel the booking.


Seaside’s booking portal adjusts the rental rates shown under the property description based on the renter’s location when the booking is made. The respective currency is shown based on the day’s exchange rate. It is therefore possible that the price on your booking confirmation is slightly different from the price shown on the website, due to fluctuations in the exchange rate. The currency all the prices are based on is US Dollars.

The amount due and payable by the renter is always the price shown on his booking confirmation.

Slight changes in price and services cannot be totally eliminated, in particular because we work with several subcontractors. Any such change will be noted on the booking confirmation.

Any changes in service that occur after the contract has been signed are not intentional but cannot be entirely ruled out. If a vital part of the contract is affected, the renter is entitled to withdraw from the contract at no cost within five (5) days after being notified. Any payments that were already made will be refunded immediately.

Price changes due to new or increased government fees and taxes on specific services, which the landlord is liable for, are not considered a valid reason to withdraw from the contract.


After the renter has submitted the final payment, and at the earliest 30 days prior to arrival, Seaside will provide the renter with detailed arrival information about the reserved property, including the access code. This information is sent by e-mail. Renters will also receive the contact information for the local property manager.


Seaside is authorized by the landlord to cancel the contract before or during the rental period if unexpected or inadvertent circumstances prevent the property from being available on the arrival date, or if the circumstances have created a dangerous situation for the renter or the property, or if the services listed in the contract can no longer be fulfilled to a significant extent.

If such unexpected or inadvertent circumstances occur, Seaside may provide an alternative property on behalf of the landlord.

Should there be no alternative property available, or the suggested property does not meet the renter’s requirements, both parties are entitled to cancel the contract at that point.

Payments that have already been made will be refunded, less the amount due for any services already provided. Seaside is not liable for any claims for compensation.


Your property will be ready for occupancy on the arrival date from 4:00 pm local time on. The property must be vacated on the departure date by 10:00 am. Any significant changes to the arrival and departure times must be coordinated with, and approved by the local property management.

If the renter fails to return the rental property as required, he is liable for any resulting damages the landlord will incur as a result. The renter will be notified accordingly. Damages will be deducted from the renter’s security deposit. Should that amount due exceed the security deposit, the renter has to pay the difference to Seaside.


The property may only be occupied by the individuals listed on the rental contract, children and toddlers included. The renter is under no circumstances permitted to rent the home out to a third party, whether for a fee or at no cost, whether for the entire rental period or part thereof. Additional guests will either be charged a separate fee by Seaside, or will be asked to leave the property by the local manager.

If the renter decides to let a third party or guests stay at the property, either for the entire rental period or part thereof, after signing the contract, he must obtain the permission of the landlord, i.e. respectively of Seaside. Seaside is entitled to adjust the rental rates accordingly and deduct the extra amount from the security deposit. If this amount exceeds the security deposit, the remaining balance is due and payable within three days after the new guests have been accepted. Should additional guests stay at the property without the permission of the landlord and/or Seaside, both the landlord and Seaside are entitled to cancel the contract with immediate effect, without refunding any of the unused rental amount.

13. PETS

Pets are not permitted at any of the properties. Exceptions may be possible though, and will be specifically noted on the booking confirmation.

Pets require a separate $200 security deposit, which is refundable. An additional cleaning fee of at least $100 is also due. It is non-refundable.


Smoking inside the property is strictly not allowed. It is permitted on the patio and other areas outside the home, as long as windows, doors and sliders are closed at that time. If a renter violates this rule, Seaside is entitled to address the resulting damages and charge the renter for the cost. If the security deposit does not cover this amount, the renter will be billed separately.


The renter agrees to treat the rental property with respect and to fill out all reports and keep them. If any damages are noted at the time of arrival, the renter must notify Seaside or the local property manager within 24 hrs. after moving into the property. After this period, the burden of proof is on the renter to show that he was not the party responsible for the damage.

In general, any damages must be reported to Seaside.

Seaside must also be notified immediately of any issues with technical equipment. Failure or delay to do so does not entitle the renter to any compensation. If there are additional damages that were caused by the delay, it is possible that the renter will be held liable for the additional repair costs that could have been avoided had he not “dragged his feet.”

The renter agrees to keep the property in clean condition. It is the renter’s responsibility to clean kitchen items such as dishes and cutlery, as well as wash the towels regularly. Please note they are not included in the cleaning fee and that there will be an extra charge if the above-mentioned items are left dirty. The exception are the used towels from the last day of stay and the bed linens, which are covered by the final cleaning fee.

Seaside is authorized to charge for the additional cleaning.

If the grill is used, a grill cleaning fee of $50 is due and payable at the check-out.

Once a week, the pool is serviced and checked for water quality and functionality by a professional pool company. Cleaning the surface of the water in the pool is the renter’s responsibility.

Trash must be placed in garbage bags and then put into the respective garbage cans. The renter is required to take the trash cans down to the street for the weekly garbage collection. Please ask Seaside about the specific day at the check-in.

The renter is liable for any damages caused by himself and his fellow guests. The repair costs will be deducted from the security deposit. Should these repair costs, which are the direct result of the damages caused by the renter, or additional cleaning fees exceed the amount of the security deposit, the balance will be invoiced to the renter after his stay.


The landlord warrants that the rental property is available for the agreed-upon rental period from the arrival date on and that it can be occupied. Both parties to the contract agree that the rental property is used by numerous people as a vacation rental and therefore may be subject to above-average wear and tear. Smaller issues that only marginally affect the agreed-upon use of the rental property (such as missing equipment parts, minor cleanliness issues, short-term power outages or water shut-offs not caused by the landlord, the failure of technical equipment etc.) do not entitle the renter to a reduced rental rate or compensation. Any inconveniences caused by necessary repairs, e.g. to fix damages, must be accepted by the renter and are not considered grounds for compensation.

The landlord is held free from any liability if the rental property is affected by an Act of God, government rules and regulations, or negatively impacted by noise emission, construction, pests etc. that do not originate at the rental property. This waiver of liability does not apply if the issues are caused by intent or gross negligence of the landlord or his local representative.

Deficiencies at the rental property that diminish its use for a longer period do entitle the renter to a price reduction, as long as he has made the landlord aware of the issue, requested it to be addressed, and the issue has not been resolved within a reasonable amount of time. There is no liability if the renter’s personal property is damaged as a result of a deficiency at the rental home. The exception is if said deficiency is a result of intent or gross negligence of the landlord or his local representative.

The landlord’s liability for issues not caused by intent or gross negligence is limited to the renter’s right to request a lower price. The amount is limited by the agreed-upon rental rate. The renter may not ask for compensation for any possible consequential damages.

The description of the individual rental property is based on the information provided by the respective landlord. While Seaside does check each of the properties in its program, Seaside cannot be held liable for the contents of the description, unless Seaside acted with intent or gross negligence.

Seaside serves solely as an agent and is held free from any liability, including in cases of Acts of God, for the use of the rental property and its features and equipment.


We suggest inquiring at a local travel agency about required or recommended travel insurances and, if appropriate, purchasing insurance (cancellation, illness etc.). We also recommend having personal liability insurance.


Any changes or additions to the rental agreement are only valid in written form. If any or more of the terms is invalid or becomes invalid, the other terms and conditions are not affected. The invalid term is replaced with the applicable regulations as per law.

On the renter’s side, the members of his party are liable as joint and several debtors for all the requirements stipulated in the contract. The renters give each other permission to receive information from the landlord. If there are conflicting statements by the renters, the first statement given to the landlord applies.


The place of jurisdiction is Florida.


The following payment methods are available to you for the payment of rent, deposit and other ancillary costs:



Please enter the following e-mail address:


Customer Name: Seaside Vacation Rentals LLC

Customer Account: 220001594390

Customer Address: 821 Cape Coral Pkwy W, Cape Coral, FL 33914

ABA/ Routing # 084000026

Name of the Bank: First Tennessee Bank National Association, 165 Madison Avenue,

Memphis, TN 38103


Customer Name: Seaside Vacation Rentals LLC

Customer Account: 220001594390

Customer Address: 821 Cape Coral Pkwy W, Cape Coral, FL 33914


Name of the Bank: First Tennessee Bank National Association, 165 Madison Avenue,

Memphis, TN 38103

Reference Information: Bookingnumber

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