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Effective from November 15th, 2023


We recommend that you carefully read and observe the following General Terms and Conditions (AGB).


Seaside Vacation Rentals LLC, hereinafter known as “Seaside”, serves as an agent for renting out properties. By booking a rental property, a contract is entered only between the renter and the owner of the respective property (hereinafter: landlord). Seaside does not offer any travel services and is not a tour operator.

The parties to the contract agree that the subject matter of the contract is the leasing of a vacation home (rental property) for a limited time (rental period) under the following conditions:


The automated booking confirmation serves as a binding rental contract. The rental contract must be in writing. Changes to the rental contract as well as cancellations also require the written form and the consent of the rental company.

Correspondence is usually done by email. It is the responsibility of the tenant to check his email regularly.

A possible rental of a boat is regulated by separate terms and conditions.


Unless otherwise stated, the prices per night based on two (2) adult persons (minimum age 25 years) shown in the property descriptions apply to the entire rental property. For all other accompanying persons, the additional prices and guidelines stated in the object descriptions apply. These are added to the prices shown. The tenant is obliged to name all accompanying persons in the rental contract with name and date of birth.

Prices include the local sales and tourist tax at their current rates, as well as the cost of water, trash removal, pool and lawn service, unless the property description contains other information.

The rental price is based on the property information or equipment criteria at the time of the conclusion of the contract.


Costs for electricity, possibly gas, the cost of cleaning the rental property and the administration fee are generally not included in the rental price.

These costs are shown within the booking confirmation and are to be paid additionally before the beginning of the rental period.


In addition, a deposit is required for each rental property. The amount of the deposit is stated in the description of the rental object. The deposit amount is pre-authorized on the credit card deposited by the tenant and will only be used in case of damage. If the tenant chooses the payment method Transferwise, the deposit is to be paid in full together with the rent and additional costs before moving in.

In case of damage caused by the tenant, the actual costs incurred will be deducted from the deposit.

The pre-authorization of the deposit is usually taken out 7 days after the tenant's departure or the caution is refunded within 14 days after departure. In individual cases, e.g., if repairs are necessary, the cancellation or refund can take up to 8 weeks. If the landlord pays back the deposit unconditionally, this does not exclude a later assertion of claims for damages, nor does it reverse the burden of proof.

The deposit will be settled without interest.


The full rental amount (including all taxes, the cleaning fee, the electricity costs and the specified management fee and, if applicable, the deposit) for the booked rental property must be paid before occupying the rental property.

The following payment modalities are to be observed:

- 50% of the total amount is to be paid within seven days of booking,

- the remaining balance is to be paid to Seaside at least 60 days before the start of the rental period.

- For short-term bookings of less than 60 days before the start of the rental period, the total amount is due in one sum immediately upon booking and payable to Seaside.

If the specified payment terms are not met by the tenant, the landlord is entitled to withdraw from the contract without prior extension of time. If the rental company withdraws due to default of payment by the tenant, the tenant is obliged to pay the contractually agreed rent. Payments already made by the tenant remain with Seaside to settle the loss of rent.


Should the hirer withdraw from the contract, Seaside will charge the following cancellation fees:

- If the booking is more than 60 days in the future, the tenant is entitled to cancel the contract within 48 hours after booking, there will be no cancellation fees - except for an administrative fee of $ 100.

- If the cancellation is made after 48 hours of booking and the arrival is more than 60 days in the future, the cancellation fee will be 50% of the booking amount (all payments made up to that time). The 50% cancellation fee is calculated based on the rental fee. This does not include cleaning fees, electricity costs and, if applicable, the security deposit if paid by the tenant. These remain fully refundable.

- In case of cancellation of the contract by the tenant less than 60 days before arrival, the cancellation fees will be 100% of the booking amount (all payments made). The 100% cancellation fee is calculated based on the rental fee. This does not include cleaning fees, electricity costs and, if applicable, the security deposit if paid by the tenant. These remain fully refundable.

Seaside reserves the right to cancel bookings within 48 hours of booking without giving any reason. In this case, the tenant will receive a full refund of all payments already made.

The cancellation of the booking must be made in writing. It must be sent to info@seasidecapecoral.com.

Decisive for the calculation of the cancellation fee is the receipt of the cancellation notice by Seaside. On Sundays and public holidays, the decisive date of receipt of the declaration is the next working day.

It is recommended that you take out travel cancellation insurance at the same time as booking. A local travel agency should be contacted for information on travel insurance.

Exchange rate fluctuations do not entitle the tenant to withdraw from the rental contract.

If the tenant's booking is made via an external agency portal such as VRBO, Airbnb, etc., the cancellation conditions stipulated and valid there always apply.


Seaside’s booking portal will adjust the quoted rental rates within the property descriptions of the rental properties to the local currency at the time of booking at the daily exchange rate, depending on the location of the tenant. Therefore, due to exchange rate fluctuations, it is always possible that the prices in the booking confirmation may differ from those quoted on our booking portal. The base currency for pricing is the US dollar.

Only the price stated on the booking confirmation is decisive for the rental price to be paid by the renter.

Overall, fluctuations in performance and prices, also due to the cooperation with various subcontractors, cannot be completely excluded. Possible changes in performance and/or price will be communicated with the booking confirmation.

Changes in services after conclusion of the contract are possible, but not desired, but cannot be excluded. Should it be a matter of a change in an essential part of the contract, the renter has the right to withdraw from the contract free of charge within five (5) days after receipt of the notification. Payments already made will be refunded immediately.

Price changes in relation to increases or the introduction of duties and taxes on certain services imposed on the landlord by the authorities do not entitle the renter to withdraw from the contract.


Two days before arrival, the tenant receives from Seaside the appropriate house documents and the access code for the booked rental property. These documents are sent by e-mail. Likewise, the tenant receives in this course contact information of the local property management.


Seaside has the right on behalf of the landlord to cancel the contract before or during the rental period if unforeseeable or unavoidable circumstances make the handover of the rental property impossible, or if there is a danger to the tenant or the property or impair the performance of the service to such an extent that the execution of the contract is no longer reasonable.

If unforeseeable or unavoidable circumstances make this necessary, Seaside can allocate an equivalent replacement rental property on behalf of the landlord.

If no replacement unit can be provided or the replacement unit does not meet the requirements of the tenant, Seaside will be entitled to terminate the contract.

Payments already made will be repaid, if necessary, with a deduction for services rendered. In no case is Seaside liable for damages.


The rental property can be taken over on the day of arrival from 16:00 local time. On the day of departure, the return takes place until 10:00 o'clock local time at the latest. Arrangements for arrival and departure deviating from this are only possible against reimbursement of costs and after consultation with and confirmation by the local administration.

If the tenant does not comply with the proper return of the rental object, he is obliged to compensate all damages incurred by the landlord as a result. The tenant will be informed of these damages, and they will be set off against the deposit paid by the renter, provided that the deposit is sufficient for this purpose. If not, these amounts are to be refunded to Seaside subsequently.


The rental object may only be occupied by the persons named in the rental agreement, including children and infants. The Lessee's right to transfer the rented object to third parties, whether for a fee or free of charge, in whole or in part, is expressly excluded. Additional persons may be invoiced separately by Seaside or may be referred by Seaside or the local administration of the house.

Should the hirer subsequently plan to transfer the hired object to third parties or guests in part or in full, the prior consent of the lessor or Seaside must be obtained. Seaside is entitled to adjust the rental prices accordingly and to demand the costs from the hirer. These recalculated additional costs must be paid by the hirer within 3 days of the additional booking being made. Should additional persons be accommodated in the rental property without the consent of the lessor and/or Seaside, this will entitle Seaside or the lessor to terminate the rental agreement without notice without refund of unused rental costs.

13. PETS

Pets are generally not allowed. Exceptions exist for recognized assistance dogs. The arrival with an assistance dog has to be announced and proven by the tenant before the booking.

There is also a non-refundable cleaning fee of at least $150.00 and a refundable deposit of $200.00.


Smoking is generally not permitted in the rented properties. Smoking is permitted in the outside areas, provided that the windows and doors/sliding doors of the rental object are closed. Should the renter violate this prohibition, Seaside is entitled to have the damage caused remedied and to charge the renter for the costs incurred or to offset these against the rental deposit paid or to charge them separately if the deposit is insufficient.


The renter undertakes to handle the rental object with care and to fill in and keep all records. Any defects found on arrival must be reported by the tenant to Seaside or the local manager within 24 hours of taking over the property. After this period has expired, the burden of proof is reversed, and the tenant must prove that the defects were not caused by him.

In general, any damage caused must be reported to Seaside immediately.

Seaside must also be notified immediately of the failure of technical equipment. Failure to report or late reporting does not entitle the renter to claim damages. Should consequential damage be caused by a "delayed" report, the hirer can be held liable for any consequential costs incurred.

The tenant undertakes to keep the rented property in a clean and tidy condition. The cleaning of the kitchen utensils, such as dishes or cutlery, as well as the regular washing of towels is the responsibility of the tenant. These are not included in the final cleaning and will be charged separately if the rental property is handed over with the aforementioned items in an uncleaned condition. The cleaning of the dirty towels of the last night as well as the bed linen are covered by the costs for the final cleaning.

Seaside is entitled to charge an additional cleaning fee.

The pool is checked and maintained weekly by a specialist company to ensure water quality and functionality. The removal of superficial dirt is the responsibility of the tenant.

Any rubbish must be deposited in plastic bags in the bins provided. These bins are to be placed by the tenant at the roadside once a week for emptying by the local waste collection service. The day of the garbage collection is to be inquired at the local check-in at Seaside.

The renter is liable for any damage caused by himself or by other users. Damage caused will be deducted from the rental deposit. If repair costs due to damage caused by the tenant or cleaning costs exceed the amount of the deposit, the difference will be charged to the tenant subsequently.


The landlord guarantees that the rented property is free and basically habitable at the agreed rental start for the agreed rental period. The contracting parties agree that the rental property is used as a holiday property by numerous persons and may therefore be subject to increased wear and tear. Minor defects which only marginally impair the contractual use of the rental property (e.g. missing parts of equipment, minor uncleanliness, occasional short-term power failures and failures of the water supply for which the landlord is not responsible, the failure of technical equipment, etc.) do not entitle the tenant to a reduction of the rental price or to compensation. Impairments due to necessary repairs, e.g. removal of damage, are to be tolerated by the lessee and do not entitle the renter to a reduction in the rental price.

The liability of the landlord is otherwise excluded, insofar as the rental object is affected by force majeure, official orders or conditions and not by annoyances caused by the landlord’s rental object through noise emissions, construction measures, vermin plague etc. This exclusion of liability shall not apply if the impairments are due to intent or gross negligence on the part of the landlord or his representative.

Defects in the rental object which reduce its use in the long term shall entitle the renter to a reduction in the rental price if he has previously notified the landlord of these defects and requested that they be remedied and if the defect has not been remedied within a reasonable period of time. Any liability for damage to the property of the renter caused by defects in the rental object is excluded, unless the damage was caused by intent or gross negligence on the part of the landlord or his local representative.

Any liability of the landlord which is not due to intent or gross negligence is limited to the right of the lessee to reduce the rent and is limited in amount by the agreed rental price. The assertion of claims for consequential damages on the part of the renter is excluded.

The object descriptions of the rental objects are based on information provided by the respective landlord. Although Seaside checks the objects offered, Seaside is not liable for the content of the descriptions unless Seaside has acted with intent or gross negligence.

Seaside acts only as an agent and therefore excludes all liability, even in cases of force majeure, for the use of the rented property and the equipment of the rented property.


It is recommended that before the start of the trip you inform yourself at a local travel agency about necessary or recommendable travel insurances and, if necessary, take them out (travel cancellation, travel health insurance, etc.) as well as having a liability insurance.


Changes and/or additions to the rental agreement are only valid if they are made in writing. Should one or more provisions of this agreement be or become invalid, this shall not affect the rest of the agreement. The legal regulations shall then apply to the invalid provision.

Several persons on the tenant's side are liable for all obligations arising from this agreement as joint debtors. The tenants grant each other power of attorney to accept declarations of the landlord. In case of divergent declarations of the tenants, the first declaration received by the landlord shall apply.


Place of jurisdiction is Florida.


The following payment methods are available for the payment of the rent and other additional costs and, if applicable, the deposit:



Please enter the following e-mail address: info@seasidecapecoral.com